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Try Fusion!
The Very Best Marketing Tool This Holiday
Christmas cards are among the most frequently gifted items throughout the holiday season and soon will turn into one of your preferred marketing techniques this season. They are inexpensive while still effectively express kind wishes to the receivers. As a business owner you need to make the most of Christmas card's advantages when promoting your business or special promotions. Many local printing businesses will enjoy to assist you with this marketing undertaking. Show Appreciation to Regulars Companies stay in operation for a long period of time with regulars helping them. Not only do they add to their income, regulars also refer business to their family and friends, hence gaining them more customers. With Christmas cards, companies will be able to successfully inform regulars how grateful they are with their continuous assistance. When creating a Christmas card, marketing printing companies will follow clients' instructions in developing the card. They can put asked... (more)

a concern
I can’t count the number of times that conservative Christians have named “the Supreme Court” as the only deciding question of this election. No matter what else a candidate says or does or will do on any other issue, the only concern some people have is what future Supreme Court justices will decide on one issue — abortion. Things like intellectual competence, moral character, honesty, emotional maturity and temperament — and gospel issues like racial bigotry and the treatment of women — apparently do not matter in the end to some. Really? As a Christian who truly believes that abortion is a moral issue, I am deeply committed to dramatically reducing them. But criminalizing an often desperate choice is not the answer. We must also be deeply committed to the economic security, healthcare, and childcare choices that women need, which are critical to reducing abortion. I believe in the sacredness and dignity of life from womb to tomb. But a... (more)

Notes and Podcasts
I found a couple of sites that use podcasts to teach Spanish. So I thought I would share them with you. One of them is on the subject of the greeting "que tal." That you can listen to on the blog, The other podcasts are on the site You don't need books or paper. All you need is a listening ear. A couple, Ben and Marina, take you through the podcasts. They have intermediate to advanced listening levels. You can find this couple on youtube also. Just do a search for "Ben Curtis." If you feel like taking notes, no one can stop you. I would take notes when listening to new material. That way you have concrete matter with which to handle. You can take notes when listening to "noticias" (news) or to telenovelas. You can take notes while reading the "noticias" too. If you hear snatches of Spanish conversations you don't understand, take notes about them and ask people later about what it all means. An example is that of an... (more)

asap program week 6
Today was the last day I went to James Gettys Elementary school. I had a lot of mixed feelings because I build many relationships with the students. When entering our lesson, we had a lot to do. We had to complete both the recipe and the recipe books. We started off making our recipe this week which was turkey legs. This represented this themes week which was thanksgiving. The recipe didn't go as planned and when cooking some of the ingredients in the microwave, it exploded. During that time frame we had to think of something else. In the end, we decided to cook the ingredients on the stove. Even though this wasn't our best lesson, we learned a lot and had to think under pressure. I am definitely going to miss the students and hope for the best throughout their school year.

food and liquid energizer card-keeps your food fresh and hygienic
The Food and Liquid Energizer Card maintain the natural healthy balance of food and drinks. It has an energetically imprinted holographic pattern that protects the supplements, energetic formulas, and essences. Any food or liquid you consume are rebalanced and supplements are protected from the depleting EMF effects and other toxins. Clear and energize what you eat and drink: The Food/Liquid Energizer is programmed with a hologram that radiates a range of permanently imprinted vibrational frequencies specifically for foods and beverages. A positive change in the energy structure of food or liquid is created when the vibratory level of the energy in food, liquids or supplements is heightened. Energetic disturbances are harmonized, and life force is raised within minutes. • It restores vitality to foods and liquids • It helps to clear toxic residues • It raises the nutritional value • Improves digestion and energy after meals • Keeps foods, fresh... (more)

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